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Making Informed Choices for Your NSW Boat & PWC License

Back in 2017, I found myself in a frustrating and costly situation…

I got ripped off and overcharged for my New South Wales (NSW) Boat & PWC (Jet ski) license.

It was an experience that left me feeling not only disappointed, under qualified to navigate a waterway safely & compared to what I know now…


I had chosen a service provider who made grand promises, assuring me that I’d be out on the water the very next day.

At the end of the insufficient course, myself plus other students asked if we’re doing our practical now & we were handed a NSW general boating logbook that ultimately proved to be challenging to fill out.

It would be “impossible to complete the logbook” without knowing someone who held a boat licence for more than 3 years & that person, has time to take me on their boat over 3 different days.


It was a situation that left me wondering whether I’d ever actually get my license & I was not the only one,

“This business has more than 5 websites”

targeting different audiences linking you back to the same EXPENSIVE, INSUFFICENT training providers.

Since I’ve become a trainer for NSW GB & PWC licence courses I’ve had countless people come to me after they’ve paid $395-$550 with the other mob who promised they would have everything they needed to get their licence in 1 day! BS!

I made them aware I shared the same experience as them and that those business had turned off there Google My Business listing & Facebook reviews which meant,


All you can do is- Report them to Service NSW & hope it gets through to someone who knows how to forward the complaint.

As someone who went through this ordeal & became a NSW Boat & Jet ski licence trainer, I spent six months obtaining my commercial license, all with the goal of being able to take others out on the water.

  1. I bought the surveyed boat
  2. Did all the training
  3. Got the insurance.


Now, I’m here to share my experience and offer you an alternative, a way to avoid falling victim to marketing traps that promise the world but deliver very little.

Here’s what I can guarantee:

Best Price Guaranteed!

We partnered with the most affordable Registered Training Organisation in NSW to give you the best price for the best service.

Your hard-earned money matters, and I’m committed to offering you the best value for your investment.

Legitimate Guidance

I’ll walk you through the theory portion of the licensing process genuinely and diligently. Your safety and well-being are my top priorities, and I want to ensure you’re well-prepared.

Quiz Assistance

Sometimes, those quizzes can be tricky.

I’ll be right there to guide you through any challenging questions, ensuring you have the knowledge you need.

From My Family to Yours

We’re a family-owned and operated business, which means we take personal responsibility for everything we do. When you choose us, you’re not just another customer; you’re a part of our mission to improve safety on the water for everyone.

Our track record speaks for itself, with a trail of satisfied customers who have left us 5-star reviews. When you choose us, you’re choosing quality, reliability, and a commitment to your success.

Don’t let the memories of my frustrating experience become your own. Trust in a service that’s not just about making promises but delivering on them.

Your journey to obtaining your NSW Boat & PWC license can be smooth and hassle-free, and I’m here to make sure of that.